The 5 of Luis Benavides

Since many years, Luis Benavides cheers us up the weeks through”El Ecualizador“, a sincere, energetic radio program loaded with good music, which has allowed us to meet many bands (thanks to their program we decided to try to sign Pinpilinpussies!) and publicize projects in which we participate as a label. In addition, Luis has recently picked up the guitar and has let out his most emotional side in Secondbest, a duo that we follow closely and have been able to enjoy live. Knowing Luis is one of the things for which all these years have been worth it.

Here are the 5 of Aloud by the great Luis Benavides:

NOTHINK – Starting days with the right foot

Notice that this is about personal memories, experiences and some battle. And I cannot leave Madrid’s Nothink out of this selection, whom I have followed since that stupendous ‘Bipolar Age‘ (2005). I saw them presenting this great album at FNAC Triangle. There its three members signed their work for me and I was able to exchange a few words with them. That was my first ‘nothinkera‘ experience of many. I lost count, but surely there were more than seven and surely I fall short. If I have to stay with one, it would surely be the one they hit in a Sidecar to burst, already with their ambitious ‘Spotlights‘ (2007). And I’m not just saying this because he brought me the setlist and Miguel gave me one of his battered drumsticks. I already told you that I was a big fan. That day I met Makuto Dj in person, then head of the NewNoiseRadio radio portal, and we began to plan a joint radio program inspired by that mythical Stereodiet, hosted by Luis Moya and Sergio Picón.


Ok, let’s talk about Sergio a little bit. The creator of Aloud Music had already sent me promotional records for my humble radio show. Those Raydibaum, the Jettison… Brutal. In short, he has discovered me over the years handfuls of records. Few are as unrepeatable as ‘Two Conversations‘ (2003), the fourth work by the geniuses from Kansas. Aloud released the ‘Spanish’ edition of this great album, a work with one of the best beginnings I can remember with the duo ‘Hello Dearest Love‘ (that drummer, please) and ‘Hanging Marionette‘. “Stay with me this time”. Goosebumps right now. Years go by for this work that includes ‘Fight Song‘, one of the most emblematic and surely accessible songs, a jewel that always reminds me of Sergio. Few fighters like him, few emos as authentic as him.

(LO:MUÊSO) – OJ DA Jazen

The same year that ‘Bipolar Age‘ came out, some guys with a strange name and loaded with signs also posted something on Aloud. I remember reading very good reviews of ‘(Next:matêria)’ (2005), as I also remember not understanding almost anything when I heard his album for the first time. It’s not easy music at first, much less if you’re used, as was my case, to more conventional sounds and structures. Based on listening and especially after seeing them live, I got into their particular noise universe, indebted to Sonic Youth and Girls Against Boys. Today, looking back, it seems to me one of the best albums in the entire Aloud catalogue. I would also like to highlight, because it seems quite significant to me, that the hardcore ‘OJ Da Jazen‘ was the official tune of my radio show, now a podcast, for many years. It would be for something.

TOUNDRA – Zanzíbar

I owe Aloud many things and one of them is opening my ears to other proposals. The instrumental genre was a great unknown. I knew about Mogwai and a few others, but it didn’t tell me much either. That began to change thanks to this endearing label. They began to ‘specialise’ (to say the least) in instrumental rock and organize concerts, they even launched AMFest, with bands like Toundra at the helm. The Madrid quartet captivated me with their ‘II‘ (2010). His name was familiar to me. I knew about their first album thanks to the good people at Arindelle Records, but they didn’t manage to hit me like they did with ‘II’. It happened to me a bit like with Nothink. I didn’t want to miss any of their gigs in Barcelona and I’ve also lost count of the times I’ve seen them. I have also lost count of the T-shirts I have from Toundra, most with designs of his first guitar, the majete Víctor ‘Remolinos‘. By the way, on the Ivoox channel of El Ecualizador I have posted a ‘mixtape’ with my 20 favorite instrumental rock songs and there is a lot of ‘aloud’ mandanga. enjoy it !

VIVA BELGRADO – Annapurnas

This 5th album is an ‘ex aequo’ award for Viva Belgrado, Doble Capa and Pinpilinpussies, three bands that I love musically and represent the present and future of the label. The three are very different, they bring freshness to the current scene and show the eclecticism and courage of this 100% indie and DIY label. Due to seniority, discography and, above all, because ‘Ulises‘ is a marvelous work of art, I opted for Viva Belgrado, who have recently achieved a double within the reach of very few noisy guitar bands. I don’t remember another national band that has been covered the same month in Rockzone and Mondo Sonoro. Either way, they deserve it. These are difficult times, of changes, but Aloud and his bands will continue to bring us much joy. Long live family!

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