To contact us, fill out the form. We attach some information that is important:


We don’t listen to demos in physical format, so please don’t send us CD’s.

Send us your demo freely, as long as it is on a bandcamp, soundcloud or streaming system. No downloads please as we never use them.

Do not send us demos of styles unrelated to the label. We might like it, but we won’t edit it, so it will be a waste of everyone’s time. If your music falls into what we can call experimental, instrumental, indierock, … feel free to send us your music.

If we like it, we will contact you. Please, do not bombard us with emails asking if it has arrived, what we thought, or send us emails with MP3s. We usually delete them. We understand your good intentions, you understand our lack of time. If we like it, we will contact you. Some of the Aloud Music Ltd. bands have been signed with this method. Thank You.


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