Fins que surti el Sol, Mayo 2024


Fins que surti el Sol, Mayo 2024



Un final anunciat


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  • Roko Banana and palmeras negras singles

    The releases of Aloud Music’s new signings in 2024 are approaching. Roko Banana have released their second preview single from “Fins que surti el sol“, an album that will be released on May 3. A few days before we will be able to listen .

  • This is how “El Cel” sounds, the new song from Roko Banana

    A few days ago we announced his signing and we can now listen to “El cel”, the song chosen by Roko Banana to introduce us to “Fins que surti el sol”, their new album that will be released on May 3rd via Aloud Music and....


Roko Banana are an indie-rock trio from Banyoles formed in 2017 by Mak Dzinovic (guitar and vocals), Àlex Abad (drums and vocals) and Edu Rodríguez (bass and vocals).

Their second album, “El Veïnat” (2021) earned them press attention and some contests for its mix of rage and melodic calm, betting on an aggressive sound with structures aimed at math rock and modern punk. In 2022, the EP “Finalment principis” consolidates their own style, which they themselves say can be the soundtrack of your own decadence.

It should not be a coincidence that every so often a band from Banyoles makes us feel that something is happening there. After a journey of intense search for a sound, a language and a universe of their own, Roko Banana managed to find themselves in “Fins que surti el sol”, their new album, and the first one they released with Aloud Music (co-released with Saltamarges) on Next May 3rd. The edition will be on vinyl (limited to 200 copies in red) and digital.

“El Cel” is the first single, which can be heard from February 16th on all platforms. “El Cel” is presented with a video clip directed by Manel Serrat, starring Abril Martí and Anna Mendiola, produced by L’Upuntvuit, with photography by Atzar Vilanova and with sound design by Pau Brugada.