In 2003, during a van trip through Madrid in the middle of the tour to present Bloomington’s first album, Sergio and Núria of the disappeared Producciones MZK, and José, Javi and Juantxu of the disappeared Bloomington, we discussed our musical tastes and the current state of the world in which we usually move. We noticed the coincidences in tastes and opinions, and what we could learn from each other. In this way, we did not hesitate for a second to launch this adventure called Aloud Music Ltd.

With her, we always wanted to make known groups that we admire and that due to various circumstances did not have much impact. We try to do the best job possible to reach the largest number of people with our music. With consistency as the only ally and quality as an inseparable travel companion.

Aloud Music Ltd is a rock label with a strong experimental character, a label as broad as our tastes; and it has room for all bands that have something to say and that compose their songs honestly. Since 2003 and tirelessly, we have edited the records of bands like Nothink, Toundra, Exxasens, The Last 3 Lines, AtletA, The Joe K-Plan… and many others.

As of January 2016, Mau Barba joins the project with an eye on the internationalization of the label. In the end he stays as co-pilot.

If you are reading these words now, surely it has already been worth starting this project.

Rock on, kids!


With the passage of time, a term has been forged and made known that today is present in many of our followers: “The Aloud philosophy“. Obviously, we never intended to establish a chair or to change the world, but it is true that some of our ideas have ended up reaching the public and people have taken them as their own.

Always in constant change, the label’s philosophy can be summed up in several points:

* We are a label that supports online downloads since 2008. It is perhaps the best known point of our philosophy. We support them because we think they are a fantastic vehicle for people to get to know the music we work with.

: Downloads in times of Spotify or bandcamp stopped making much sense. Our albums can be downloaded for free on the bandcamps of each band or on our own.

* Our albums in CD format are always worth 10 euros. We were always influenced by a legend on Dischord records that invited not to pay more than X dollars for each record. From 2003 to 2006, we had a bad experience with a distributor, and our records cost up to 15 euros in stores. We wanted to change that and that’s how it has been until today.

* We sell online without shipping costs. This occurred to us in 2007, seeing that our internet sales had a handicap called Correos (Spanish Postal Service). We did numbers and decided to risk. The response from the public has been enormous. The reason was simple, if we paid 10 euros for a record in a store, was there a need to pay more buying online? We stopped making money, but it was worth it.

UPDATE 2020: In December 2019 we had to put an end to this, Correos in the last 12 years raised the price every year and made it unfeasible to maintain this part of our philosophy. We have changed it for prices adjusted to the maximum (€1 CD / €1.5 vinyl) and absolutely unbeatable courier shipping offers. And if your order exceeds €45, it’s still free!

* Those under 23 years of age do not pay at the concerts organized by the label. At least where we can. It was an idea that arises from a phrase that accompanies all our cd’s : “Please, take care of your children“. One way to take care of young people is by inviting them to come to your concerts. The musical education that nobody cares about. The response of young people to this proposal has made us feel proud to have carried it out, when more than 100 people have come to a concert to try it out.

There are many other things that could be part of our philosophy, but these 4 points are the most important. The rest of the things (good or bad) we leave open for you to discover when you meet one of our bands, or when you place an order with us, or when we see each other at a concert. Because, and maybe that would be the fifth point, Aloud members love meeting people and hearing their opinions. For that we have a label, so that in the end, it is a little bit of everyone.



From 2003 to 2015, this was our logo. Created by Agustín Arribas for Guidedbyart, it has been with us since the beginning. His simplicity and at the same time his strength, with those so characteristic screams, were his trademark and we are proud that his image is so recognizable by so many people.


Since 2016, and created by Victor (Darkhorse Studio), this is our logo. The head takes the shape of a heart (some say that this is the basis of our seal), and a volume potentiometer is at the top. Yes, it has 11 volume points. Like Spinal Tap 🙂 The new image matches the new web design.


This website runs under WordPress. The theme used is Rebellion. For 6 years he was Muzak. Thanks to Vasilis Mastorostergios for his help. The design, the changes in the programming, management and arrangement of the page have been the work of Sergio Picón. The translations have been made in their entirety by Mau Barba. The background design is by Victor García.


Sònia managed the shipments and the records in the stores from 2012 to 2017.

Jose, Javi & Juantxu founded the label. Natalia, Chechi and Karlos carried the press and took us away. Victor designed and teaches us every day. Diego made great videos. And at the top, Rafael Picón, who left us on September 20, 2016, a fan and collaborator of the label.