The 5 of Jardin de la Croix

Actually they do it together because otherwise there was no way to get 5 records released by Aloud that would have been important to them. The entire Jardín de la Croix join our confined challenge and choose 5 songs from the label’s history to continue completing our playlist, which looks like this:

(Ander) The Last 3 Lines “Visions from Oniria”

One Alouder August, back in 2013, I placed an order that contained several vinyls from the label and an AMFest t-shirt from the previous year. The package included a couple of things that particularly caught my attention. The first of them was a sticker on the packaging that read “Treat me with care, it contains culture” and the second was a “Caribe Mix Alouder” full of great songs from the label’s bands.

I had a crush at first sight with “Visions from Oniria” by The Last 3 Lines. For me, they should have been one of the greats on the scene and have had much greater recognition. I know that they did great things like opening for Placebo but I think they could have gone much higher if people had paid a little more attention to them.

Highly recommended band!

(Ander) Viva Belgrado “Pleiades / Pasaportes”

If they gave me a euro for every time I’ve heard this song, bills would rain down from my balcony.

Years ago I remember hearing about some such Viva Belgrado, but the screamo thing about those was not a style that particularly caught my attention, until I saw that Aloud had taken an interest in them.

From that moment on, I began to investigate a bit and the first thing I discovered was Flores, Carne, which to this day has become one of my main albums.

When they released Ulises I thought they weren’t going to surpass an album as round as the previous one, but I was wrong, Ulises exceeded all the expectations I had placed on them, specifically the song of Pleiades / Pasaportes seems to me a masterpiece.

I think it’s a band that right now is on everyone’s lips and with a well-deserved recognition for a job very well done.

Thank you Viva Suecia for your great songs and great albums!

(Isra) Ànteros “Cuerpos Celestes”

We can’t forget about an incredible album that accompanied me during a bad time, and made it much more bearable.

That is Cuerpos Celestes, from my good friends Anteros. I know I should choose just one song, but I can’t.

As a good Gemini, I cannot be in balance without a duality and I found it between the Greek goddesses Rhea and Elara. They are an aromatic coffee, like a soft summer breeze hitting your face in the morning, strong and energizing. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I have heard them thousands of times and they continue to transmit that energy and freshness that characterizes Ànteros so much.

The record in general is nonsense, and the sound at the hands of another good friend Carlos Santos is complete nonsense. Highly recommend your listening.

(Pablo) Toundra “Bizancio”

It is the perfect end of a cycle, closing what for me is his roundest album. A song that shows that in Spain instrumental hymns can be made without envying the greats and the harbinger of what Toundra would be over the years. I would highlight above all the variety of melodies of both guitars and above all the naturalness with which the theme develops and evolves. The minute 2.07 has no name!!!!

(Nacho) Astralia “Exhale”

Within a genre as canonical as post-rock (yes, the one they say in Aloud who has died) and especially in its more environmental aspect, it is very difficult to find things that attract your attention and perhaps that is the great secret of these three salaos, who do not try to reinvent the wheel and limit themselves to embroidering it to perfection, sounding like bands with much more travel since their first album. A careful and elegant sound and a staging that plays with lighting and intensities that gives everything a very round and immersive vibe. As if all this were not enough, they have among their ranks one of the best and brightest long hair of the European post, and I would dare to say of the entire world scene.

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