You know we love to be connected with our fans. Free downloads from 2007, free entrance to people under 23 in our shows, a photo contest every summer around the world…

Now, one step beyond: a compilation for running! Yes, we are a fashion label cause everybody´s running nowadays 🙂 but, it´s not amazing to run through your city with good music in your ears?

Sketch by Raúl de los Ríos
We wanna be with you in your preparation, races or just in your disconnection moment. 21 bands of the label put one song in the compilation. And, if you tweet with the hashtag #RunningAloud from September to June, you can win one of our records! We will choose the funniest messages 🙂

This is the compilation:


Price is 2.50€ (or more if you want!) and it have our illusion to do this world better and more funny. And of course, with good music.

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