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Of all the ways to approach an album, Puput chose theirs. Nothing like Puput and Puput, since their inception, they are unlike anything you have ever heard before.

In their already long career (it is their fourth album), they have zigzagged along winding paths, dreamlike forests and spaces where love and death go hand in hand. They always emerged victorious and the journey has continued to grow their personality and resulted in their most organic, most direct and most powerful album. Saying “more personal” would border on absurdity in a band that is not afraid to say that the great premise that they have never lost sight of is that their music is a direct dialogue with God.

Away from trends and with nothing to lose, Puput (2nd self-titled album in his career) has been matured over low heat and recorded by Borja Pérez, who provides freshness and an even more raw and direct sound if possible. It is their first album where there is no electric guitar. Its place, instead of being missed, is filled with textures and sounds provided mainly by acoustics and keyboards/synthesizers. It’s amazing that they sound more consistent than ever. The rhythmic bases are harder, more present and real. The voice weaves impossible melodies that make us fly inside. Keyboards and synthesizers act as a cushion, but they are more protagonists than in previous installments. They play with the voice, they hide it, they surprise. The reverberation cloud seems to show the sky clearer than ever.

Puput is a project that emanates sincerity and demands greater attention. Their music is not a festival, it is food for the soul. It is love, it is death, desire, fear, obsession, earth. An organic beat, of crystalline purity, with a thousand nuances depending on the angle at which you approach the light. It is the dirty root of the earth and the leaf swinging in the sea breeze.

Welcome to the world of Puput.

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