Pinpilinpussies release their second album “Hipocondría”

  • HIPOCONDRÍA is now available on vinyl, CD and digital
  • It is the second LP of Pinpilinpussies, after “Fuerza 3”.

HIPOCONDRÍA is an impressive collection of 90s air hits, choruses and aggressive distortions. All this seasoned with a clear social positioning that marks its undeniable personality and identity.

Raquel y Ane share instrumentation and song composition. When Raquel sings, under a scenario of apparent sweetness, we find some poignant lyrics and some choruses that remain indelible in our minds. When Ane sings, anger and electricity take over the band and the use of Basque provides an extra component to tell stories in a unique way.

On February 18, Pinpilinpussies premiered a new single “Ana Virn“, a heroine who shows us the way to the era of HIPOCONDRÍA.

The album was recorded and mixed by Raúl Pérez in La Mina (Sevilla), mastered by Victor Garcia in Ultramarinos and the artwork design is once again the work of Ari Schneider (@amerwall), an illustrator who has worked with the band since day one.


  • 1. INTRO
  • 3. BÁILAME
  • 4. BELLACO
  • 5. HANGE
  • 6. ERRE
  • 7. DEA-8D
  • 8. ANA VIRN
  • 11. GALES
  • 12. ELIO
  • 13. OUTRO
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