Pinpilinpussies – HIPOCONDRÍA (Neon Orange Vinyl)


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“The only thing that doesn’t change is change. The passage of time overwhelms us and the fact that stability can crumble overnight terrifies us. Fears grow, and with it, the demand to be able to assume everything unknown with a solvency that sometimes seems impossible.

We look inside and something is wrong. We begin to feel bad, our bodies ache, our minds play tricks on us. Is that pain real? Do we impose it on ourselves?

HIPOCONDRÍA is dedicated to those of us who need to pull out those daggers and let (once and for all) roses grow in those imaginary and self-imposed wounds. We hope that, like us, these 13 songs loaded with visceral energy in the form of pop melodies and thunderous distortions will make you feel stronger.

Fear fades when we stand together. The change is real and now more than ever, we feel capable of facing the unknown. To everything that is to come.”

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