Pinpilinpussies release ‘Fuerza 3’

The duo presents nine powerful songs in a debut album ready to blow your ears

Fuerza 3 is available on digital platforms and as a CD and vinyl at the Aloud Music on-line store

The name of the LP, ‘Fuerza 3’ (Force 3), could be the indicator of a nuclear reactor or the magnitude of an earthquake. Although the Basque-Catalan duo based in Barcelona may well have the energy of an earthquake on stage, ‘Fuerza 3’ makes reference to something as simple as the fixation number of the grease they use for concerts. Nothing more, no fuss, no condescension.

This is how sincere and direct Pinpilinpussies a.k.a Raquel and Ane are introduced in a debut album that presents a natural evolution of the five songs of their first EP, “80/B”. Playful structures, noise and darkness but without leaving aside pop sounds and vocal melodies that go all the way in… Actually, this is how they describe themselves :

“Lo-Fi vibes. Sleater-Kinney in our minds, Bikini Kill in our soul and Courtney Barnett in our hearts. Garage-pop and noise with post-punk attitude. Songs for mosh pits with a couple of ballads. Raw sound and so on”

We find odes to the nineties, heartbreaking ballads, rage, a lot of rage, broken hearts, anxiety, broken friendships and fight for gender equality : Situations that both live in first person and that thanks to the music, they manage to feel, express and vindicate.

Its creators, Raquel and Ane, see themselves as the dog and the cat and prove this in their songs. Raquel’s melodies are sweeter, catchy and the lyrics more acidic, critical and often watered with some sarcasm and social non-conformity. Those of Ane sound rocky, forceful and their lyrics exude sincerity and pain, feelings that usually go hand in hand. Put together, Pinpilinpussies manage to be themselves from minute 1, their personality is overwhelming, the proposal sounds fresh and the future belongs to them in its own right. 

‘Fuerza 3′ has been recorded and mixed by Raúl Pérez at La Mina studio in Seville (Pony Bravo, Biznaga, Niño de Elche…) and mastered by Cem Oral at the Jammin’ Masters studios in Berlin (Wu-Tang Clan, Neu!).
The entire graphic identity of ‘Fuerza 3’, both in its digital version and in CD and vinyl, has been created by the local illustrator Ari Schneider a.k.a Amerwall. The artist has accompanied the band since its beginnings, putting face and eyes to what Pinpilinpussies has wanted to represent with their music.

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