iou3R premiere “SostreterrA”

After finish their previous project, (lo:muêso), Juanma Medina and Raül De Los Ríos decided to undertake a project in which they pour all their accumulated energy and experiment with new sounds. This is how iou3R was born, a concept more than a band to use.

After Karlos Navarro joined the band, iou3R has evolved from electronics to formats closer to rock, noise, spacerock, krautrock, drone or postrock. In June they released “La Serp EP” on his own label Lapena Distel, an album that was recently presented at AMFest.

Now it is the turn to present “SostreterrA“. The expression ‘a leap into the void’ makes more sense than ever with the risky but adrenaline-fueled proposal of the trio. The atmospheres become darker, the needles of the vinyl tremble like never before with the low frequencies and the voices (in Catalan and Basque ) gain a prominence that they did not have before. It is these voices, written by Raúl de los Ríos and narrated mostly by theater actresses, that guide the listener from darkness to hope without losing an ounce of tension. The restlessness of “Neved “, the internal struggle of “Me’l Duré”, the hypnotic catharsis of “La Serp”, the restless pianos of “El caos”, the unexpected brilliance of “Inspiri, expiri” and the tremendous finale of “Arima Ito Duzu” they form an uncomfortable group that rejects the first listeners and that calls for headphones, a quiet environment and a predisposition from the listener that is higher than usual. Trust us, it’s worth it.

In the aforementioned last song, a voice is familiar to us. Karlos Osinaga, Txap, singer of Lisabö, signs the lyrics and his passion is impregnated in every second of the song. It is not a sin to accept that, when listening to it, we look back with some pride and that the past of all the participants in this song is imprinted in a devastating song: “Feeding the soul you have drowned the soul. But I, I love you all the time“.

“SostreterrA” has been recorded by iou3R between their own rehearsal room and the Siete Barbas studios (Poblenou, Barcelona), where it has been mixed and mastered by Sergio Picón and the band itself. The edition is carried out by the Synth Vicious label, from Barcelona, ??specialized in modular sounds and absolute shakers (together with the people from BefacoSynth) of the scene with wonderful proposals such as Modular Day or ODD (One Drone Day). Aloud Music participates in the edition with 50 copies that you can get at the label’s online store.

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