El Tercer Semestre are back! Enjoy their new video

Baloons, confeti, Hawaiian dancers, surrealism and a lot of humor. We couldn’t imagine a better comeback.

El Tercer Semestre has gone through an endless number of troubles (a studio that fell down, a producer than ran away, a broken leg, fatherhood…) before getting to “33 1/3“, their new album, recorded by Sergio Picón and mixed by Daniel Gil at Siete Barbas Estudio, and mastered by Victor García at Mastering Ultramarinos.

The album will be released next April 5th, a special digipack edition (only 250 copies), whose pre-order will start on March 2nd via www.aloudmusic.com

“Pulpito & Mojito”, their new videoclip

Directed by Helena Torrent and Carles Ledesma, “Pulpito & Mojito” is a surrealistic ode full of humour and good music. The advance of “33 1/3” brings us back the El Tercer Semestre we’ve always known, their tropical and easy to dance patterns, mathematic guitars and crazy bass lines. Don’t miss it!

3313 Square Cover 1500x1500

Listening to “33 1/3” will try those lazy critics that like to use the similarities that come on the press sheets. After listening to it 20 times, we couldn’t find labels or concrete style to define an album in which El Tercer Semestre did exactly what they wanted to.

From math rhythms in “Robocat“, to tropicalism of “Pulpito & Mojito” or “Varca Falite“, the shoegaze-like epic of “Gael“, the long trip of “Transjumancia” … In “33 1/3” it all sounds like new, original, risky and having a good time playing music. It’s a remarkable album showing an unpredictable evolution of a band that has grown where it wanted to.

Pre-listening and pre-order will be available from March 2nd at www.aloudmusic.com.

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