Bones of Minerva sign with Aloud Music

  • The band will co-release their next album with Aloud and LaRubiaProducciones in 7” format.
  • On Friday, May 13, “Swamp” premieres, his advance single, with a video clip included.

It was an open secret since Bones of Minerva turned Parentesi by AMFest 2021 upside down. In a memorable show, which served to present some of their new songs, the band formed by Blue (vocals), Chloé (bass), Ruth (guitar) and Nerea (drums) left an unbeatable sensation in the public and since then we have been working to make what we announce today a reality: Bones of Minerva will co-release their new album with Aloud Music and LaRubiaProducciones.

Bones of Minerva come out of five years of growth and experimentation, of absorbing, transforming and interpreting. The heavy riffs are still there. The dreamlike voices and melodies, too. But they are others. They have come back different from that trip.

With Swamp, the first song of their new work, they bring out all that unusual internal fury that they have been brewing in the last few strange years. It presents us with a dream creature, a nature deity, who guides us through the bowls of the forest and the swamp where it was born, to recreate us in the mud and exorcise us in its algae, to be one with it, becoming a new being reborn.


As a kick-off for this new era, they launch a limited edition 7” (300 copies) with SWAMP on side A and with an unpublished song, exclusive to vinyl, on side B, ASHES.

This vinyl will be available on the Aloud website starting Friday, May 13. The artwork is done by the band as they have been doing since the beginning.

It is important to highlight that the B-side of the 7” will NOT be available digitally for a few months, and will remain as a rarity, B-side, as before.


About SWAMP, Bones of Minerva say

in the words of Blue, Chloé, Ruth and Nerea:

Swamp’s lyrics were not meditated or thought out at all. It expresses emotions that at that moment, in full confinement, were trapped somewhere in the brain and, thanks to those wild and unbridled riffs, and that frenetic rhythmic, were directly spit out of the mind onto paper.

This theme speaks of the purest instinct, of forgetting everything and reminding ourselves that we are animals, of being a free creature, one more beast, that writhes in the mud, that howls among the trees, that dances among the algae and gallops the mountains. , which creates and creates itself, being one with the earth.

A simple concept, which in turn, can gather an idea of ??personal improvement, of overcoming fears, of evolving…

Swamp is not a song, it is a roar to release.

The signing for Aloud Music

Aloud is a label that does not repeat itself and that remains in the eternal search for new sounds and visions of our universe. Bones of Minerva’s way of transmitting their emotions, ideas and way of seeing the world through music seems refreshing, energetic and stimulating to us. It is a great opportunity for us to be able to share part of the journey with them and we are sure that we will enjoy and learn a lot on this journey!

And, as if that were not enough, the opportunity to work on this album hand in hand with LaRubia Producciones, in a long-awaited union, makes this project one of the most desirable for the Aloud team in recent years.

Check all the information about Bones of Minerva on our website!


Bones of Minerva is formed in the Sierra de Madrid, with the viscerality and spirituality that the surrounding mountains inspire in them as the engine of their music.

Its sound is a journey on the back of a beast that gallops between chaos and harmony. Blue(vocals), Chloé(bass), Ruth(guitars) and Nerea(drums) create aggressive and visceral riffs, frenetic and heavy rhythms and dreamy and heartbreaking voices that spit out critical and at times introspective lyrics. That pairing makes up the ritual that is Bones of Minerva.

In 2017 they released their first album “Blue Mountains“. After exhausting all copies and under the labels LaRubiaProducciones and Nooirax, comes a deluxe reissue on CD and vinyl that includes two new songs: Privilege and Vehemence. Blue Mountains leads them to forge their place on the national scene, stepping on the stages of the Resurrection Festival, Download Madrid or the Kanekas Fest, and also in the United Kingdom and Sweden.

2020 is an opportunity to fully focus on the composition of his second album, in addition to editing a tribute to Map of the Problematique -a song by the British band MUSE- to publicize, as a summary, the great parenthesis in the that we dive

In 2021 they give their first concert in two years at (Parèntesi) by AMFest (Barcelona), sharing the stage with Toundra and Bala, among others.