Böira release the first single from “Cendres ~ Mineral”

“Cendres ~ Mineral” will arrive on April 23 co-released by Aloud Music and the band itself

Böira wanted to collect the ashes from their first album and create something. This was the premise that led the band to compose a second album. For this reason, “Cendres ~ Mineral” cannot be understood without the existence of “Si de la runa naixés”, a first album that gave life and unique experiences to its members, giving them wings to continue working hard, as before.

Immersed in what moving a first album implied, the ideas were already flowing, brushstrokes of what could end up being a future second album, without leaving the path that the present was offering them. Over time, they realized that the ideas did not stop flowing, but they longed for a common thread that made the first album be understood as a single piece, a fact that often made their nerves sprout, since from their experience it was difficult for them to understand a record if he did not follow this premise.

When the hangover from the first job had calmed down, they began to see things differently and they were taking all the pieces, looking with which others fit, making everything fit together in the end. They learned to be comfortable with the way of working, even when fixed ideas fluctuated. They marked a new path, a new stage that culminated in ‘Cendres ~ Mineral‘. A puzzle with pieces coming from places infinitely far apart, but which, in turn, create a surprising, unique and revitalizing whole.

Brot” is the single chosen by Böira to present his new album. A song that flirts with wild mathrock and impossible speeds, and whose journey turns towards lands of calm, tranquility and beauty to which the band has accustomed us. Great appetizer of what’s to come! Listen to it on all platforms by clicking here.

New CD, Vinyl and T-shirt, as well as several packs, now available at the Aloud Music online store. Enjoy the new album from Böira!