Ànteros announce new album

‘…y en paz la oscuridad’ ‘ will see the light on November 2 through Aloud Music

Things that are not taken too seriously tend to be labeled as a joke. There could be something of that in the beginning of Ànteros‘ walk. 5 friends together to have a good time and enjoy common tastes, few pretensions and lots of laughs in the van. Among other projects, renowned ex-projects and even the one who was learning to play his instrument at that time, Ànteros grouped 5 songs under the name of “Lunas” which, after a year and a small line-up change, ended up deriving into “Cuerpos Celestes”, their first long album for which they re-recorded the songs from the EP and added others that complemented their successful work and that helped them to play at festivals such as Resurrection Fest, Download Madrid, AMFest or tour all over Europe, ending with a historic sold -out in Barcelona.

Artwork Darhorse Studio | Illustration: Medusa Dollmaker

After soldout 3 different vinyl editions in their respective European editions, and taking a break to compose, his long-awaited return is called “… Y en paz la oscuridad” (Aloud Music, 2020), and we can affirm that the joke, if it ever was, it’s over.

Recorded between Galicia and Barcelona in the midst of a pandemic under the orders of Carlos Santos and Jorge Mur, the second album by Ànteros is overwhelming from the start, led by the game of voices that Endika Pikabea and Rubén Martínez have developed and that plays on the contrast between the screams and the melody, between the darkness and the light, between the tear, the wound and the healing.

Added to the inspired and almost agonizing lyrics is the incredible instrumental work where Ànteros shows muscle and which borders on perfection here, allowing them to rub shoulders with their international references and with a sound on a par with very few bands. We are talking, without a doubt, about one of the most impressive post-hardcore / screamo productions to be released in Europe this year.

Ànteros never stopped having a good time but now they have become serious. “…y en paz la oscuridad” it’s powerful and necessary work in a terrifying year, work that allows us to search for hope in the darkest place we’ve ever been.

“No hay vuelta atrás,
Todo arderá.
Vuelca el fuego contra el planeta entero”