Viva Belgrado pre-orders available: ‘Bellavista’ and ‘Flores, Carne’ 5th anniversary reissue

‘Bellavista’ available as vinyl and CD

5th anniversary special ‘Flores, Carne’ reissue

These days are being strange for all industries in general, and for music industry in particular. Aloud Music and Viva Belgrado wanted to do what we could to alleviate the bitterness that surrounds us.

We found it selfish to move the date of the premiere of ‘Bellavista’ scheduled for April the 30th in order to release it in a normal environment. If in rare times we run out of new music, this shit will be harder to overcome.

For this reason, and paying attention to Viva Belgrado’s followers in social media, from today on you can make the pre-order of the imminent ‘Bellavista’ through our online shop. And not only that. As the debut album of Viva Belgrado, ‘Flores, Carne’, turns five years old, we also have released the special 5th anniversary reissue.If you want to help us, both the band and us as a label, you can visit and keep us alive when all of this ends. Together, we’ll all make it.

Vinyls of “Flores, Carne” reissue were sold out in half an hour: the Baby Pink edition in just 5 minutes! Aloud had 120 vinyl from that reissue. There are still some copies that the band has available and that will be released in the near future.

‘BELLAVISTA’ – Release April the 30th
(ultraclear vinyl 180g or CD)

‘FLORES, CARNE’ 5th anniversary special reissue

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