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Aloud co-releases the vinyl of “Muses”, new album by Audiolepsia

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Aloud Music co-releases the vinyl of “Muses”, second album by the four-piece Barcelona-based band Audiolepsia. Together with our friends of Dunk!records, we have released two beautiful versions of this vinyl, “red blood” and “blue splatter on bone” that will create lots of doubts amongst the vinyl-lovers: which one will they choose? 7 songs, each one dedicated to a “muse”, that surprise the[…]

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“Portals”, the new album of The Last 3 Lines

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It’s been 5 years since the release of “Visions from Oniria“, the last album by The Last 3 Lines. In between, there was an acoustic EP (“Leafless“, 2013) and an electric EP (“New songs for old rites“, 2013), which already made see the path to the sound we find in “Portals“: rock skillfully mixed with progressive folk, vocals every day more impressive, deep[…]

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Details about the new album of Astralia revealed

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Astralia communicated on December 21st (Winter solstice) the first details of their forthcoming new album: its title will be “Solstice” and will be released in April 2017 by Aloud Music. The album will be released on 2X12″ colored LP and CD. The beautiful aartwork(see below) is by Proceso Negro Art Studio.  In Aloud, we have already had a chance to hear the final[…]

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New Jardín de la Croix album in October

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It’s not just their amazing live shows, their impossible tappings and their crazy patterns. JARDIN DE LA CROIX  has written some of the most brilliant pages of the new European math-rock over the last few years. If with their last album, “187 steps to cross the universe” (2013, Lar Gravacions) they confirmed their evolution, this 4-piece band from Madrid will[…]

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El Tercer Semestre are back! Enjoy their new video

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Baloons, confeti, Hawaiian dancers, surrealism and a lot of humor. We couldn’t imagine a better comeback. El Tercer Semestre has gone through an endless number of troubles (a studio that fell down, a producer than ran away, a broken leg, fatherhood…) before getting to “33 1/3“, their new album, recorded by Sergio Picón and mixed by Daniel Gil at Siete Barbas Estudio, and mastered by Victor García at Mastering Ultramarinos. The album[…]

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Exxasens presentan la portada de “Back to Earth”

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Tras la publicación de sus dos trabajos hasta el momento, EXXASENS finaliza la grabación de su tercer disco, “Eleven Miles“, que se pone a la venta el 11 de septiembre de 2011. Este álbum esta formado por un total de 9 nuevas canciones con aires renovados, sonidos más contundentes y como siempre ese toque espacial que tanto caracteriza el sonido EXXASENS. Por otro lado y como apoyo a la publicación del tercer trabajo se prepara la gira de presentación 2011, con la colaboración de 4 músicos y la proyección de visuales que harán de cada concierto algo realmente espacial, siendo el primero el 10 de septiembre en el Espai Jove Boca Nord de Barcelona, y el segundo enmarcado en el festival Astral en Rusia.

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Hay ausencias que duelen más que una presencia incómoda. (lo:muêso) prácticamente se fueron sin decir adiós ni hasta luego, pero en una oda particular a la constancia, siguieron quedando para ensayar cada sábado en un destartalado local de Arenys de Mar, en el piso tercero casi cuarto, al que se accede por unas escaleras imposibles por las que cargar material es una odisea.[…]

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New Exxasens Video

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Exclusive release through Arctic Drones! Watch video here. After destruction of the time machine and subsequent weakness of our protagonist, veteran Russian astronaut, played again by acclaimed Catalan actor Miquel Bordoy, awakens on Earth. With the help of a device attached to his helmet, he will try to find the mother ship to return home. EXXASENS, the band EXXASENS comes[…]

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Exxasens in Japan

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EXXASENS are making history. As usual, the good news arrives from outside Spain. Japanese Ricco Label will release an Exxasens compilation in December, being one of the firsts Spanish post-rock bands who release an album in Japan. The compilation will be distributed in Japan, South Korea, Hong-Kong, Taiwan and Singapur. This is the track list: 1. The Launching 2. Rocket to[…]

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You know we love to be connected with our fans. Free downloads from 2007, free entrance to people under 23 in our shows, a photo contest every summer around the world… Now, one step beyond: a compilation for running! Yes, we are a fashion label cause everybody´s running nowadays 🙂 but, it´s not amazing to run through your city with good[…]

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Waiting between an album and another can be very long. That’s why we like so much the idea Ainara LeGardon gave us.  Please welcome “Aloud B-Sides & rarities”, where we will give space to rarities, crazy experiments, outtakes, B-sides of our bands. To get started, here is “A second of…” live.   A second of… Would it be too much if I[…]

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