We’re off to ArcTanGent!

Since 2013, August and Bristol have gone hand in hand in a festival that we love, ArcTanGent. The vast majority of bands that we like in the world have played there, and in addition, we have had the opportunity to present the label’s projects on countless occasions. Doblecapa, Jardín de la Croix, Exxasens, Viva Belgrado, IEPI, Astralia, Stearica or Toundra have been there. They have always treated us well and the bands have always left a good taste in the mouth of the English public.

This year, historic double. Bones Of Minerva will present “Embers“, kicking off their UK tour that will take them to several major cities in the UK, aim!

On the other hand, the ArcTanGent will witness the first concert of Los Sara Fontan as part of Aloud Music, and a preview of the release of their long-awaited first album, about which we will give you more information shortly. We can assure you that we are absolutely in love with the album and what comes with it! By the way, Los Sara Fontan will play at Cafe OTO in London on the 17th of August and in Margate on the 18th with Hassan K!