Viva Belgrado release their new single “Pena Sobre Pena”

  • “Pena Sobre Pena” is part of PARALELOS/MERIDIANOS, Vol. 2, the second in a series of EPs that the band uses to explore different registers and territories in stages between albums.

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En un calabozo oscuro
sufro penas sobre penas,
y a fuerza de estar a oscuras,
se ha vuelto mi pena negra.

— Augusto Ferrán (La Soledad, 1861)

PARALELOS/MERIDIANOS Vol. 2” will be released on February 18, 2022, the date on which we will be able to listen to its B-side (an acoustic version of “Un Collar”) and the preorder of the 7″ will be activated.

You can listen to “Pena Sobre Pena” on all digital platforms by clicking here

PARALELOS/MERIDIANOS” is a series of EPs in 7″ format that complete the discography of the band between album and album. Volume 1 was published on September 24 in a limited edition of 300 units that sold out a few hours after its publication.

Away from the stage due to pandemic obligation since the beginning of 2020, the Cordovan band has not stopped composing and seeking new avenues of artistic expression. These “Paralelos / Meridianos” respond to his curiosity to explore new sounds and paths in his music. As they already did with “Epílogo: La Cima” or “Guillotinas” (released in 2017), the periods between discs of Viva Belgrado They are becoming something highly anticipated by their followers, since each song sounds like something new and different. Quite a game between the band and their more open-minded audience.

In this case, “Pena sobre pena“, with clear references to traditional Andalusian culture, has been recorded in trio format (Ángel, Álvaro y Cándido), given that Pedro has been taking a break since June to focus on another personal project, something that has also been a challenge for the band.

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