Viva Belgrado and Nueva Vulcano tour the Basque Country together

  • The restrictions force us to change the 3 days of the tour to June. The presentations of “Bellavista” and “Ensayo” go hand in hand on 3 unique dates in Gasteiz, Bilbao and Donostia.
  • It will be the first time that both bands share the stage. You will not know who plays first or second until you are in the room.
  • The presentations of “Bellavista” and “Ensayo” go hand in hand on 3 unique dates in Gasteiz, Bilbao and Donostia.


The Viva Belgrado and Nueva Vulcano tour of Euskadi changes its date. The restrictions hit us fully again and the concerts scheduled for January will be held in June. Record the new dates:

Thursday June 23: GASTEIZ (Jimmy Jazz)

Friday June 24: DONOSTI (Dabadaba)

Saturday June 25: BILBO (Kafe Antzokia)

Although both bands were created more than 10 years apart, there is something in the DNA of Viva Belgrado and Nueva Vulcano that makes them, at least, members of the same way of understanding music: rock, rawness, volume, lyrics to remember, Santi García, van, kilometers, , …

Before the pandemic, and in a madness devised by Artur Estrada (singer and guitarist for Nueva Vulcano), both bands locked themselves in the Sala VOL in Barcelona to play their future new albums for the first time. Nobody knew the songs. Viva Belgrado had recorded “Bellavista“, Nueva Vulcano began recording “Ensayo” a few days later.

The shows at VOL filled up in a few hours and were vital celebrations that, unfortunately, gave way to the pandemic and those months where the darkness over the world of music has done incalculable damage.

Curiously, none of the bands changed their publishing plans due to the pandemic. Someone said “the record will make people happy and people need it now“. Other market laws are possible. Viva Belgrado released “Bellavista” in April 2020, and what came after we have already told many times. Nueva Vulcano released “Ensayo” in September. Both bands played few shows, much less than usual, presenting these songs that allow them to remain current in a world of music marked by novelties, emergencies and songs that are almost instantly forgotten.

A couple of months ago, with some madman making believe in a pandemic circle closure, both bands played in Barcelona a few meters away, some at BAM, others at La Mercè. An idea emerged from those days that matured and has ended up in this joint tour. For the first time both bands will play together on the same poster.

To celebrate things done (“Hemos hecho cosas“), having come this far (“La ley de costas“), the thought that augurs a great future for us and something better awaits us (“Bellavista“),and especially for the times we think about quitting even though we know we never will (“Cerecita Blues“), for all of this and for none of the above , Nueva Vulcano and Viva Belgrado they go on tour together in Euskadi, a land that has treated them like no other place, or at least that’s what we feel when we’re there.

There will be no order or opening act, nor will we know who plays first until we are there. It’s one of the rules. You already know the rest: good volume, generous repertoire, copious meals and some patxaran. Celebration of small victories.

And although the song says that “vivan las cosas y las casas que no hay que explicar“, we wanted to tell the reason for this tour. Or one of them. We hope it’s not the last time.

23.06.22 – Gasteiz – Jimmy Jazz – Tickets
24.06.22 – Donostia – Dabadaba – Tickets
25.06.22 – Bilbo – Kafe Antzokia – Tickets