Toundra return to Barcelona presenting “Hex”

On April 30, an essential date for lovers of instrumental and intense rock, with Ànteros opening the night.

Toundra released “Hex” last January, their eighth studio album with which they reached numbers 4 and 1 on the sales charts (Best-Sold Albums List and Best-Sold LPs List respectively). The Madrid band thus celebrated their entry into 2022, the year in which they celebrate 15 years together… but above all what they celebrate is getting back into a van and traveling tens of thousands of kilometers together throughout Europe.

Because if there is something that can be defined as the hallmark of the instrumental quartet, it is that: giving 60, 70 or 80 concerts a year, defending being united and together doing what they like best: playing live. The presentation tour of “Hex” has already passed through Madrid, Granollers, Gernika, Granada, Málaga, Seville, Córdoba, Valladolid and León. Next week the tour resumes and stops in Barcelona.

The event, organized by Aloud Music, is very special for our label. The relationship with Toundra is long and well known. The Madrid band released “II” and “III” under the auspices of Aloud and together we achieved many things that we still remember today. Almost 10 years after those historic dates (the first soldout at Apolo at the Aloud Music Festival dates back to 2013), the relationship between the band and the label is still intact and proof of this is that together we organize their concert again in the same room than then

Ànteros will be in charge of opening the concert, presenting again the songs that make up “…y en paz la oscuridad (Aloud, 2020)”, their latest reference, in one of the few concerts that we will be able to enjoy before they let us have fresh news about new songs.

Toundra are in top form, their live show has never stopped growing and the opportunity to see them in a great room, with great sound and lights, is something not to be missed. If you feel like coming to support our concerts, you can buy your ticket here: