Todo Saldrá Mal

One year after the release of “HIPOCONDRÍA” (Aloud, Feb2022), the second LP by Pinpilinpussies with which they have toured the peninsula several times and performed at the main festivals in the country, the band is back with “Todo salá mal“, their first single in Spanish. It is part of a set of songs that Pinpilinpussies they will be released during the first semester of the year and in which they dare to add new edges to their sound, not only because they use a new language for them, but also in terms of sound, since the song has been recorded by Karlos Osinaga (“Txap”, Lisabö’s singer) at Bonberenea, Tolosa. This Thursday, March 2, the song and the video that accompanies it, directed by their inseparable Miguel Trias de Bes, will premiere, while they continue their endless tour to which they have added festivals such as CanelaParty, Cruïlla or Tsunami Fest.

In the words of Raquel and Ane ” “Todo saldrá mal” “it’s the scream you make when you’re alone in the car and you realize you can’t take it anymore. Ever since your friend left—yes, this song isn’t about a broken heart or anything like that, it’s about friendship—everything is weird and you’re unable to get along. Even to the point of not wanting to go to the venue because you don’t even feel like playing anymore. But at the same time, it is also that sticker that you usually send her and that only you and she know what it means. Or that religious cigar at the end of the show. Those things that, even though everything is pretty bad, allow you to continue dancing.


No es tan fácil decir que ya no estás bien
No es fácil admitir que ayer volviste otra vez a ser
Parte de aquel error, parte de lo que te hizo desaparecer
Y yo mientras tanto bailo esperando

Desde que ayer te vi me tiembla la voz
Y no sé muy bien qué decir
Te fuiste y yo ya no sé quién soy
Rodeada de gente son tantas las luces

Todo es tan fascinante
Y yo mientras tanto bailo esperando
Y yo mientras tanto bailo esperando
Una señal

Un sticker que diga “todo saldrá mal”
Un cigarro más Que me llames sin avisar
Mírame creo que al final
Tenga que admitir Que soy yo
Y nada más

Todo lo que no puedo controlar
Todo esto soy yo y nadie más
No puedo más de esta ciudad
No tengo ganas ni de tocar
No me digas que todo irá bien
No hagas como si te diera igual
Si en realidad te jode también
Si a veces te da por llorar
No me digas que todo irá bien
No me digas que todo irá bien

Y yo mientras tanto bailo esperando
Y yo mientras tanto bailo esperando
Y yo mientras tanto bailo esperando