The Sara Fontán, new signing!

Pic: Tamara de la Fuente

It is one of the most interesting experimental proposals that have emerged in our country in the last decade. Sara Fontán on violin and keyboard and Edi Pou (half of Za!) on drums build their own universe just by looking into each other’s eyes. An open, moldable, permeable and always growing code that unites 2 seemingly immiscible worlds: the classical and contemporary of the violin and the polyrhythmic energy of the drums.

Among his postulates was that of not recording records out of militancy: his music lived and died live although it planted roots in the souls of the spectators. After 6 years in which the formula has worked and they have taken their music around the world, Los Sara Fontán have decided to record and release their first album next autumn 2023. It is a new stage in which they do not abandon their DIY philosophy: the album is recorded at home, with their own means and by themselves.

Together they are able to create minimalist oasis, garages full of noise and oil, beaches where time expands, impassable sound walls, bases for the rapper who lives inside you, romantic cliffs or underwater acrobatics… giving freedom to the spectator to give free expression to their imagination.

Sara uses the violin and keyboard as a starting point, twisting them through electro-acoustic processes to develop a varied palette of sounds and invoke multiple natures. At her side, Edi Pou takes on the challenge of turning percussion into melody and tensing the dynamics from the minuscule to the epic, breaking with the western patterns of classical drums.

Here you have a small list of some of the works and collaborations that the duo, recently awarded with the CIUTAT DE BARCELONA Music PRIZE, has made in recent years:

Performances as a duo: in less than five years of existence, they have toured Spain, Portugal, France, Finland, Switzerland and Germany, including international festivals (One Of A Million, BAM, AMFest, Norpas, Eufònic, Alhambra Jazz) and temples of Do-It-Yourself (from the Liceo Mutante to the Kastanienkeller in Berlin).

Collaborative shows: SO(LSF + Amorante, 2021); 4132314(LSF + Stuffed Tart + Cocanha, 2022); Laboratorio Dos Riscos Impossíveis (LSF + residents of the Fontainhas neighborhood, Porto, 2021).

Sonido + movimiento: Los Sara Fontan + Sonia Gómez (2023)

Sonido + palabra: Los Sara Fontan + Blancallum Vidal “La Princesa sou Vós” (2022)

BSO for theatre: sound design for Concrete Matter by Los Detectives (Antic Teatre Barcelona, ??2022)

Instalación sonora: Insectòdrom at the Centro de Arte El Bòlit in Girona (2022).

BSO para audiovisual: OST of Magaluf Ghost Town (Toronto Film Festival, 2021).