“Queda Pendiente”, new album by Los Sara Fontan, now available for pre-order

Starting today, October 6, 2023, the pre-order “Queda Pendiente”, a wonderful LP by Los Sara Fontan, is available, which will be released on October 25, 2023 only in the Aloud music store:

After five intense years of scenarios here and there, in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Finland… after trains, cars, planes, hundreds of shared experiences, after verifying that YES, it is possible to make a career without recording albums, singles, or video clips, not following the routines imposed by the industry and inertia… Los Sara Fontan have decided to break with the dogma of not recording and begin a new stage with Queda Pendiente, their first album.

The reasons are many: to explore new ways of doing things, to escape from complacency, to listen to all those people who, repeatedly and after each concert, have wanted to take that experience home to relive it in an intimate and personal way… Another key reason is having built their own studio at home, where they have been able to work alone and without rushing for three weeks in January. They say that it has been an unforgettable process, because another reason for recording was that: not to forget. Leave a record of oneself between liquid, almost gaseous times. And at the same time forget what has been done, give it a place and leave room for the new.

The album is not a retrospective of their five-year career, but rather a snapshot of what they are exploring at the moment. An exploration that takes them to textural and electronic terrain: to sample the shower extractor and turn it into a sequenced kalimba in Visita de Obra, to combine Galician folklore with subs and scratched records in Querome, to destroy drums and violin with granular synthesis in Wall -e, or to seek peace with a wheel of 14 unequal chords in Cuerno de Alce. The entire album is crossed by an unconscious drive to walk, wander, run, move at a pulse marked by the 10 songs of Queda Pendiente.

Questioning the usual is still in their DNA. For this reason, they have released the first four songs from Queda Pendiente through an online personality test, outside of streaming platforms, programmed by Keyvane Alinaghi (Hassan K) and illustrated by María Medem. Their alliance to release the album is with Aloud Music – a label and promoter defined by its underground militancy, by its refusal to accept large sponsorships at its festivals, by its defense of what is public and common -, with Gandula – a DIY label coordinated by 50 % of Los Sara Fontan-, and with In_Ex -a German label specialized in unique cassette editions, using recycled materials and turning each piece into a work of art. The vinyl artwork has been edited by the self-managed printing press L’Automàtica.

There are no video clips or presentation tour, since Los Sara Fontan have never stopped touring, whether as a duet or collaborating with poets, actresses, dancers or other musicians.

Queda Pendiente is published on October 25 in a limited edition of 100 copies in white.