Puput will release their new album on Aloud

We are so happy to announce that. 6 years after seeing them live for the first time and being captivated by their personality, intensity and their own universe, the paths of Puput and Aloud will finally come together for the release of the fourth album by the band from Manresa.

Formed by Jordi Portabella (vocals, guitar), Juanjo Muñoz (drums and backing vocals), Lluis Coll (keyboards, synthesizers and backing vocals) and Marc Torregrossa (bass), Puput’s music has as its main characteristic that ambient reverberation that creates a unique world, where the lyrics and voices of Jordi, the penetrating and dark rhythms of Juanjo and Marc and the semi-ecclesiastical keyboards of Lluis combine in an unprecedented and surprising way. At times raw, at times ambient, at times intense and always flirting with beauty and darkness, Puput have been weaving a remarkable career with 3 albums to their credit, “Puput” (2014), “Upupa Epops” (2015) and Purga (2018, Hidden Track Records), and concerts where a loyal legion of fans have been joining their cause.

His new album will once again be of the same name and has been recorded by Borja Pérez. It will be released in October 2023. Soon news!