Jardín de la Croix – Circadia (Black 180gr. Vinyl)

Gatefold edition, with a beautiful 90X30 insert, limited edition of 200 copies BLACK HEAVYWEIGHT 180GR.

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Their live shows are impressive, their tappings impossible and they rhythms possessed by the devil. Moreover, JARDIN DE LA CROIX have, without any doubt, written some of the best songs of the so-called “new math rock” in Europe. With their former album, “187 steps to cross the universe” (2013, Lar Gravacions) they confirmed their evolution, but now, with “Circadia” (Aloud Music / Lar) they created a piece of  uncontrollable rock that flirts with schizophrenia, makes their passion for the difficult even bigger and that will bring them the recognition of a wide audience and specialized media.

Formed by Israel Arias (drums), Ander Carballo (guitar and synth), Pablo Rodríguez (guitar) y Nacho Hernández (bass), Jardín de la Croix is a compact band, 4 albums already released and always growing. Seeing them live is a MUST if you like progressive or instrumental rock. And if it isn’t, you can discover a world that would drive you crazy for a while.

Gatefold edition, with a beautiful 90X30 insert, limited edition of 200 copies BLACK HEAVYWEIGHT 180GR.


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