Ànteros – Montenegro (Vinyl)


Double edition limited to 200 copies each in colours:

· A/B Solid Orange in Red

· Trans blue with black smoke and white splatter

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At the risk of sounding typical, “Montenegro” begins with a new awakening. Not everyone had the same luck during the chaotic pandemic period just lived through. For Ànteros the bite drew blood. The release of “…y en paz la oscuridad” (Aloud, 2020), one of the best albums of the year for Mondosonoro or Rockzone, was clouded by the little possibility of doing release shows, and that is that forceful rock was one of the genres most affected by that mood (or maybe the only way out) of doing shows for a seated audience.

For this reason, the awakening does not last long and the contained rage takes over the message and explodes in that “Culto al Fuego” that burns imminently. “Nada más temible que bestia acorralada” (“Nothing more fearsome than a cornered beast”), screams Endika Pikabea (guitar and vocals) in “Frágiles”, second song and where we are already at the Ànteros doing what they like the most: sound forceful, burn with the guitars, stir consciences with their rhythms and give the listener freedom to interpret increasingly accurate and direct lyrics. A clear message in doing things your own way seems to resonate in the stanza: “¿Quién te condena al fracaso? Vale la pena el sudor, sacrificio y evitar los atajos” (“Who condemns you to failure? It’s worth the sweat, sacrifice, and avoiding the shortcuts). The collaboration of Rubén Ramos (Los Sanchos, Cohen) stands out here.

For just 22 minutes, Ànteros they sign a work that could well be an epilogue to their previous album. That’s what “Cielo abierto”, talks about, of the paths already traveled, of the sensation of repetition and, above all, of the remains left by each attempt, each step, each record. Ànteros have known how to put all those remains together, put the pieces together, grease them and meet again in the rehearsal room. “Montenegro” highlights all its qualities and somehow elevates the virtues of the band to their maximum power.

The vocals, which became evident in his previous album, shine like never before in “ La Hoguera” y en “Elurra / Heriotza”, where the atmosphere is gloomy again and darkness once again takes over the play. In this last song, Endika dedicates some powerful verses ineuskera native to hisamona (grandomother), who dies some months ago.

Mixed and produced by Carlos Santos and recorded by Jorge Mur in some catalan studios (Cal Pau, Maracas Estudio, Mursound and Siete Barbas), “Montenegro” does not discover the gunpowder but it clears up any doubt about the validity of the message of Ànteros, a band whose personality remains beyond doubt and whose future, beyond the darkness that always surrounds them, seems brighter than ever.

Las victorias empiezan ganando batallas (Victories start with winning battles)

Arroyos esculpen hasta las más duras montañas (Streams carve even the toughest mountains)

Firman un acuerdo la mente y el cuerpo, se alían de nuevo (The mind and the body sign an agreement, they ally again)

No hay un espejo que muestra el destino, empeño y paciencia son el camino (There is no mirror that shows destiny, commitment and patience are the way)

La apariencia no es lo que mide | La experiencia, invencible (Appearance is not what it measures | The experience, invincible)

The album will be presented, song by song, between the months of August and November, with singles / digital videos that can be heard and seen on the usual platforms. On August 25 it can be purchased via pre-order at aloudmusic.com and on November 10 it will officially go on sale in vinyl format. The album design is the work of Medusa Dollmaker.

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A/B Solid Orange in Red, Trans blue with black smoke and white splatter

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