“Portals”, the new album of The Last 3 Lines

It’s been 5 years since the release of “Visions from Oniria“, the last album by The Last 3 Lines. In between, there was an acoustic EP (“Leafless“, 2013) and an electric EP (“New songs for old rites“, 2013), which already made see the path to the sound we find in “Portals“: rock skillfully mixed with progressive folk, vocals every day more impressive, deep keys and a deep lyric part, always flirting with darkness.

The now 5-piece band, after the leave of Sergio Pardo (guitar), delivers 9 songs who go by as a whisper, like a bullet that shaves your skin and leaves you a mark. With a time-proof personality, The Last 3 Lines deliver their most personal and brave album, released on a digifile CD, with an exclusive cover and limited edition of 250 copies.


Enjoy “Portals“:

* On the Bandcamp of Aloud Music, free streaming.
* Buying the CD (Limited edition) in our online shop

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