Nordic Giants European Tour 2016

It’s without any doubt one of the most exciting projects os the European post-rock scene. The British duo Nordic Giants published in 2015 their last record, released by Kscope. After presenting it at a few festivals – including an amazing concert at AMFest Barcelona in March – they will soon bring their show to Europe on a tour organized by Aloud Music. The dates are:

Thursday 118th March
De Gudde Wellen (Luxemburgo, Lux)

Friday 11th March
Vortex (Siegen, Germany)

Saturday 12th March
Melting Sounds Festival (Essen, Germany)

Sunday 13th March
Dynamo (Zurich, Switzerland)

Monday 14th March
La Machine À Coudre (Marseille, France)

Martes 15th March
La [2] (Barcelona)

Wednesday 16 March
El Sol (Madrid)

Thursday 17 de March
Le Bukowski (San Sebastián)

Friday 18th March
Lectures Aléatoires (Bordeaux, France)

Saturday 19th March
La Scène Michelet (Nantes, France)

NG Euro Tour 2016 Final Updated


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