NO/EZ, the new EP from Pinpilinpussies

Pinpilinpussies new EP

Artwork: Ari Schneider @amerwall

Pinpilinpussies continue their unstoppable rhythm and present “NO/EZ“, a new EP that will be released this June 16 on digital platforms. 3 songs in 3 languages ??and the same message; NO/EZ, even if it’s only 2 words, means NO in the languages ??the band speaks.

On this occasion, the band uses Catalan and Spanish for the first time to complement their songs in Basque. NO/EZ is the return of Pinpilinpussies, who until now answer to work per year.

“Makarena”, “Monstruo”, and “Todo Saldrá Mal” are the three songs that make up NO/EZ, recorded by Karlos Osinaga (Lisabö) in Bonberenea, Tolosa, one of the cradles of state rock. Furious songs, vindictive lyrics and a project in full growth.