“La Felpa” is coming!


“What else can happen to us?” That’s what looks like  Arianne and Mario are asking themselves on the album cover. Holding their instruments as a tool against recent misfortune and pain, they look at a man with a rabbit head that, ignoring his own condition, looks ahead, resilient. Ladies and gentlemen, this is “La Felpa”, the fearless look ahead of a unique band.

Bags, cigarbox and a strong will to change it all. Arianne and Mario, DobleCapa, crossed the ocean in August 2018 looking for the hospitality and magic touch of Steve Albini, the producer who worked with an incredible bunch of rock bands. True rock bands.  Electrical Audio (Chicago, USA) is a studio that doesn’t lie. It holds less secrets than it may seem. Overthere, bands strip down their albums as much as they can and rawness overflows. That sound, true, real, so hard to find and to listen to in the 21st century, is what DobleCapa have achieved in “La Felpa”. A smooth blow that will make you shiver.

Recorded live and with no presence of any computer whatsoever, La Felpa is the most honest and furious version of the band. Songs are short, direct and sometimes invite you to sing along. Painful screams (“Piera“), illegible rituals (“Lluvia de sapos“) and personal references to true idols (“Venimos de un lado y de otro“). All that is filtered through the easy-to-recognize sound of the cigarbox guitar played by Mario, whose melodies lead the way together with the crazy drums patterns of Arianne. Thanks to this unique mix, DobleCapa is now one of the most interesting and actual bands to listen to.

01 – Cazador/a recolector/a
02 – Carmelo, cobra y rosa
03 – En el delta del río Guatén
04 – Piera
05 – El que no tiene nombre y nunca nos acordamos
06 – Mass mierder
07 – Killtrezer
08 – Venimos de un lado y de otro
09 – Lluvia de sapos
10 – Dama de Elche con cara de Monalisa

After collecting and editing more than 20 hours of recorded videos, DobleCapa are now publishing a few teasers of their album on the Youtube channel of Aloud Music. Funny moments as well as stressed ones, a fair dose of surrealism and, all in all, the best way of seeing how the dream of Arianne and Mario was totally real.

One of the most important shows presenting the new album will be at the great Madcool Festival (Madrid), in July.

En breve anunciaremos más festivales y fechas de presentación del disco!

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