Ivy King, Linalab’s new single

New single from Linalab

Ivy king is the first of the singles that Linalab shares with us while preparing his new album, a kind of survival manual in the face of the apocalypse, after “Desire Paths” (Synth Vicious / Aloud Music, 2021).

There is a crossover point in the imaginary of Lina Bautista (Linalab) that unites some of her great passions: modular synthesizers, guitars with delay, relaxing and enveloping rhythms… at that point, electronics and post-rock shake their hands without fear Brilliant atmospheres, almost unintelligible whispers and filtered to the extreme, tapping that touches internal keys and sounds from another galaxy.

Linalab is a living project that is constantly changing, permeable and not at all rigid. No rules or goals or anything to do with what music has become today.

Here is an artist and her work, which, as her previous album “Desire Paths” said, takes her wherever she wants, with absolute freedom and with a creative need typical of geniuses. His universe is expanding daily and his new “EP” perfectly captures the Linalab of today. 3 tracks recorded in Rafa Camisón’s studio in southern Spain. Let music and art take us where Linalab decides. Trust is absolute.

Recorded at Estudio 79 by Rafa Camisón

Mastered by Álvaro Gallego.

LINALAB here are Lina Bautista, Jose Jünemann and Juanma Medina

Video recorded live at Siete Barbas Estudio
Video mixed by Lina Bautista
Sound by Sergio Picón
Cameras by Manu Retamero, Lina Bautista and Sergio Picón