Exxasens in Japan

EXXASENS are making history. As usual, the good news arrives from outside Spain. Japanese Ricco Label will release an Exxasens compilation in December, being one of the firsts Spanish post-rock bands who release an album in Japan.

The compilation will be distributed in Japan, South Korea, Hong-Kong, Taiwan and Singapur.

This is the track list:

1. The Launching
2. Rocket to the Sky
3. Constellation
4. Lost in Space
5. Satellites
6. Polaris
7. Casiopea
8. Sky in Red
9. Sputnik
10. Science will Save Us
11. A Singular Deploy
12. The Falling

And this is the cover:

Exxasens is a Barcelona based band created by Jordi Ruiz, but they are really unknown in Spain, a country who don´t take care of post-rock bands. Their first two albums were released by Belgium label Consouling Sounds. “Polaris” was reissued by polish label Miskatonic. They have been playing in Russia for 3 times, or at Dunkl! Festival this 2014.

In the next weeks, the band will tour France and Spain with the UK band Alright the Captain, and they will open for Maybeshewill in Madrid and Barcelona:

* Playing a 30min set
07.nov Madrid – T.Club (Entradas a la venta, 15€)
08.nov Barcelona – Razz3 (Entradas a la venta, 15€)

10.nov Thiers (France)
11.nov Montpellier (France)
12.nov Tolosa – Bonberenea – 8€
13.nov Madrid – Sala Costello – 7€
14.nov Don Benito – Rincon Pio Sound
15.nov Zaragoza – Sala Lopez – 7€
16.nov Barcelona – Centre Civic Roquetes – 5€

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