“Embers,” glowing embers among the ashes of a fire. That is the beginning of the journey. A journey that takes us through the smoke through the forest, the swamp, to the roots of the earth itself and to the smallest cells that make up a living being.

An album that speaks of mourning, of the struggle to move on and of the deafening silence that absence leaves on a journey destined to end in hope.

Still retaining the roots of their debut, Bones of Minerva’s sophomore effort is a world away from the Blue Mountains. Recorded live at Metropol Studios (Madrid), by Alex Cappa. Edition of ALoud Music in collaboration with LaRubiaProducciones.

Fuego, the single that announces the arrival of EMBERS

A black unicorn with purple fire on its horn galloping across land that has been burned to the ground. That is “Fuego”, purity and darkness, delicacy and aggressiveness, melancholy and strength, hope.

Let yourself be carried away by the wind like ashes and embrace the gloom, find poetry in chaos, in nothingness. Being able to dance calmly in fear and uncertainty, to feel and embrace that force that can do everything, that is in everything and bows down to nothing.

«Llamas en la espiral de un cuerno frontal de un caballo negro»


EMBERS Pre-order now available on vinyl and cd, and vinyl pack + SWAMP

Pack Embers + Swamp


2. Swamp
3. Cuna
4. Dream
5. Fuego
6. Merula
7. Claws
8. Silence
9. Flood
10. Madre
11. Hands