Ànteros and (lo:muêso) in Madrid

The NuevaCosta agency, from Madrid, turns 10 years old and has celebrated it with a series of super interesting concerts that end this coming Saturday, January 27 at the Wurlitzer Ballroom with live performances by Ànteros, (lo:muêso) and Distant Shores.

For Ànteros, this will be their first show in Madrid presenting “Montenegro”, their brand new album released just a few months ago. The band visited Madrid during the pandemic, with a soldout at Sala El Sol, and then opened the Bones of Minerva presentation concert a while ago.

On the other hand, for (lo:muêso) more time has passed. It was more than 7 years ago when we were able to see them, for the last time, live in the capital. Then there would be a separation that has been interrupted by a couple of celebratory shows, last November at Paral.lel62 in Barcelona and the one in question. Probably, it will be one of the last opportunities to see them together live, so take advantage!

Distant Shores repeat after debuting in October at the AMfest, a band to keep an eye on.

If you want to come and support alternative culture (the one that is not in big festivals or Wizinks or Rivieras), you can buy your tickets here: