July 29th 2015
We will unveil the artwork and the tracklist of “Back to Earth”, the new album by Exxasens that will be released on September 7th.

August 3rd 2015
CDs offers. As every year, #AgostoAlouder will bring you the best offers, including ridiculously cheap packs, albums from 1€, the opportunity to know the past of the label…

August 6th 2015
New video of Exxasens. Directed by Diego Olmo and recorded live at Apolo (Barcelona), we will unveil a live song of the new album of Exxasens.

August 8th 2015
Nothink live at Shikillo Festival, Candeleda.
Santa Rita live in Zarautz.

August 10th 2015
Vinyls offers. Looking forward huh? As every year, the best offers and packs to complete your collection of Aloud vinyls. This year there will be surprises!

August 13th 2015
New song of El Tercer Semestre. An advance of their new album!

August 14th 2015
Exxasens live in Monforte de Lemos, their first time in Galicia.

August 15th 2015
Exxasens live in San Sebastian, at Dabadaba.

August 17th 2015
T-shirts offers. As every year, one of the weeks are dedicated to t-shirt and merch. Don’t miss it!

August 19th 2015
New song (lo:muêso). It’s an outtake of “Hoidên Limother Petity Vefuckêr” that we love. (lo:muêso) will release it for our “Aloud B-Sided & Rarities”, in Bandcamp.

August 24th 2015
Last crazy offers 🙂

August 25th 2015
Pre-order of Exxasens “Back to Earth”: CD and Vinyl. Limited edition of only 100 vinyls and 250 CD.

August 28th de 2015
Tour announcement of Exxasens. The dates of their next shows will be revealed.

August 29th de 2015
Nothink live at La Trinchera, Málaga, + Kermit and Catorce.

August 31st 2015

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