Toundra is an instrumental rock-band from Madrid formed in Summer 2007. Its members were, at the beginning, Victor, Alberto and Guillermo (Previously in “Nacen de las Cenizas”) and Esteban, of Ten Minute Man.

In November 2007, after rehearsing for 3 months, they recorded two demos (Bajamar y Orbita) and in December 2007 they recorded an EP made of 4 songs (Bajamar, Pleamar, Orbita y Medusa) mastered by the Swedish Peter in DeBetou (Dimmy Borgir, Dark Tranquility).

In January 2008 they uplodaded it to Myspace and it was received well by people. The same day, Red Chalk Records (Arindelle) offered them to release a CD adding two more songs. In February they go back to the recoding studio with Carlos Santos and Jauria and Tesalia came out. In April 2008, Toundra (I) came out in CD and vinyl 12″.

In September 2008, Guillermo leaved the band and Alex (Gone with the Pain) took his place and in January 2009 a split 7″ with Hand of Fatima was released by Nooiraz producciones and Odio Sonoro. In March, a new version of Toundra (I) with an extra song (Génesis) was released in France, Germany and Brasil.

In November 2009 they joined Aloud Music, the label that would release their second album in May 2010 together with Astoria and the German label Narshardaa.

The album, II,  is released in May 2010 right in the middle of the successful wave of free donwloads promoted by the label. Thousands of people download the album ina few days and the band presents it to the public at Primavera Sound 2010, and with an amazing sold out gig with (lo:muêso) at the venue Ritmo y Compás.

After the Summer, Toundra played at BAM 2010, the official bank holiday of Barcelona, an historical gig recorded by Diego Olmo in an amazing video -> Medusa en el BAM 2010. From then on, they tour the whole country: Madrid, Bilbao, Donosti, Coruña, Vigo, Valladolid, Sevilla, Cádiz, Barcelona, …

In 2011, the band played at again at Primavera Sound 2011Resurrection Fest, DCode Fest (Madrid) and finishes the year with an historical sold out at Sala Caracol, playing in front of 500 people the day a Real Madrid – Barcelona was aired on TV!

In 2012, Toundra finished to write their third album, “III” and in September 2012 the record was released with an unprecedented success. The first 200 special copies went sold out in less than one night and around 500 copies were sold in the first week through the online store of  Aloud Music.

The band tours Europa (France, Switzerland, Germany) selling out venue like the famous Schokoladen (Berlin) in front of a crazy audience .

In España, they blow away the Monkey Week with a gig at the ground level, the venue sold out and reminding the vibrations you could feel in Seattle at the beginning of the 90’s. Toundra had started selling out venue wherever they went. 2013 was to begin in a magical way.

On January 12th 2013 Toundra sold out at Kafe Antzokia (Bilbao), Sala Apolo in Barcelona for the Aloud Music Festival  and almost did in Joy Eslava (Madrid) with around 1000 people per concert.

That Summer, important festivals like Primavera Sound, FIB, Resurrection Festival also added Toundra to their lineup.

At the end of Summer 2013, the band announced its signing for Superball / Century Media, with whom they released their fifth album in January 2015. .


Victor  guitarra
Alex batería
Alberto bajo
Esteban guitarra


2008 – I – Astoria Records
2009 – Nordeste Split w/Hand of Fatima – Astoria Records / Nooirax Producciones / Odio Sonoro)
2010 – II – Aloud Music (vinyl with Narshardaa Records / Astoria Records)
2012 – III – Aloud Music (vinyl with Basement Apes / Narshardaa Records)



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