¡We have co-released the new album of Valerian Swing!

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Happy to co-release on CD “Nights”, the new album by the Italian crazy three-piece Valerian Swing. Together with To Lose La Track (IT) and Small Pond (UK), it’s a pleasure to help spreading this brave, unconventional and bold music. You can listen to “Nights” on the band’s Bandcamp (click here) and buy the CD clicking here  

Aloud co-releases the vinyl of “Muses”, new album by Audiolepsia

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Aloud Music co-releases the vinyl of “Muses”, second album by the four-piece Barcelona-based band Audiolepsia. Together with our friends of Dunk!records, we have released two beautiful versions of this vinyl, “red blood” and “blue splatter on bone” that will create lots of doubts amongst the vinyl-lovers: which one will they choose? 7 songs, each one dedicated to a “muse”, that surprise the listener for their excellent writing, its unexpected detours and fine details that will be much appreciated by traditional post-rock lovers[…]