Jardin de la Croix release ‘Letargo’

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This EP is the first issue of a forthcoming trilogy ‘Letargo’ is available in all digital platforms and also in vinyl through our on-line store After a long break, thinking and defining new goals, Jardín de la Croix are back to offer us a good dose of post-rock and evocative instrumental themes: A way of expression that makes Jardín de la Croix an unique band. Song after song, work after work, the quartet has built a unique language capable of telling us[…]

Viva Belgrado pre-orders available: ‘Bellavista’ and ‘Flores, Carne’ 5th anniversary reissue

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‘Bellavista’ available as vinyl and CD 5th anniversary special ‘Flores, Carne’ reissue These days are being strange for all industries in general, and for music industry in particular. Aloud Music and Viva Belgrado wanted to do what we could to alleviate the bitterness that surrounds us. We found it selfish to move the date of the premiere of ‘Bellavista’ scheduled for April the 30th in order to release it in a normal environment. If in rare times we run out[…]

Viva Belgrado presents ‘Más triste que Shinji Ikari’

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Mondo Sonoro premieres the music video for the second advance of ‘Bellavista’ The band also features two covers in important national magazines Even if the news shows the opposite, and everything looks like a gray scenario, Viva Belgrado has a lot to celebrate this week. On the one hand, Mondo Sonoro has an exclusive release of the music video for ‘Más Trister que Shinji Ikari’, the second single of the long-awaited Bellavista. A song that will disturb more than one[…]