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New website, new logo, new life

We are sure you remember our logo, a classic:


Created by Agustín Arribas, for Guidedbyart, this logo goes back to May/June 2003 and it was created even before Aloud Music was born. Back then, we were getting Aloud off the ground with our friends Bloomington. Their album, “Kill the rock stars we were“, was our first release and the first with this logo. It has been moe than 40 releases, many posters and banners with this logo we are very proud of and will identify us forever.

But sometimes some renovation is good. 2016 is an important year for Aloud and, even if the initial idea was to slightly update the logo, a completely new image came up and we love it. Created by Victor García-Tapia, (Darkhorse Estudio), the new logo of Aloud is the first change in its 13 years of life:

As you can see, the head took the shape of a heart. Many says that running a label in 2016 is more about heart than head. They are right. Also it’s our way of doing things, since those first days with Bloomington, heart was an important of our way of being. That heart has a volume knob. But carful, it isn’t at 10, but at 11. Does it ring any bell? Yes, it’s our tribute to  Spinal Tap. Volume is always to the top, but “These go to eleven, it’s louder”.

The new logo brings us to the new website. As well has some albums are remastered, the web has been redrawn, the database rebuilt and has reformatted almost completely. We passed to WordPress. We kept all the section of the old website but tried to give them a more logic order. There are downloads. The online store is totally new and with shelves to be fulfilled. There are articles and there will be intervews, something we have looked forward for long.

And last but not least, Mau Barba has joined Aloud. We call him “The Italian partner“. Mau will manage te internationalization of the label as well as being an active part of the daily management of Aloud. We are very happy for this galactic signing!

During the next weeks, we will keep constructing the new web, as we know therer will be many things to fix and improve. You can help us, as usual. Meanwhile, we will celebrate the beginning of this new year and keep working, sending your pending orders, replying to pending emails and opening new horizons. #Aloud2016 will be very exciting.

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