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Long time ago, during a journey on a van in Madrid during our presentation tour of the first Bloomington album, Sergio and Núria from the old Producciones MZK, and José, Javi and Juantxu from Bloomington, discussed our musicals tastes as well as the state of rock business.

We became aware of the many coincidences in tastes and opinions, and of how much we could learn from each others. It was in that way that Aloud Music Ltd was born.

Our main purpose was – and still is- to give a way out to bands we like and that, for different reasons, don’t have much repercussion in the current panorama.

We offer plenty of work so that we can get, with our effort, to a greater number of people. Being coherence our chief allie and quality our main goal.

Aloud Music Ltd is just an indie-rock record company, just that.

From january 2016, Mau Barba is on board, fighting to make our project international.If you are now reading these lines, then it’s been worth trying it.

Rock on, kids!


PO Box 9502
08012 Barcelona


Please, don´t send your demo in CD.
We love to know bands throught Bandcamp, Soundcloud,… Use this system.
If we like, we will contact you. We released some bands at this way.
Please, do not send us mails asking: “What do you think about my music?”.
Please, do not send mails with Mp3, will be deleted automatically.



It was our logo from 2003 to 2015, created by Agustín Arribas for Guidedbyart. It was here from the beginning. So simple but strong at the same time, with this screaming face aloud. So proud of it!


From 2016, and created by Victor (Darkhorse Studio), this is our new logo. Now the head is a heart (you need to put your heart in your head to have a label in 2016). The volume is at 11, like in “Spinal Tal”. Really loud. New logo will be with us in our new site.


This site runs under WordPress. We use Muzak as our main theme. Thanks to Vasilis Mastorostergios for his incredible help. (Re)Design, programmation updates and website management by  Sergio Picón. Website translated by Mau Barba. Background design by Victor García.


Jose, Javi & Juantxu. Natalia. Sònia. Victor. Chechi. Diego. Karlos. GRACIAS.

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