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Our goal, from the first day, was to spread our music around the world in all the possible ways. When, in 2008, we decide to put all our catalogue in a free download site, a lot of people say we are crazy. They were right 🙂 Probably in 2016 times has changed, now streaming is really powerful, but still a lot of people decides to listen a band downloading an album. That´s why we have all our records to download for free. In high quality and with no limits.

You will find it here:

Captura de pantalla 2016-01-10 a las 9.14.16

Under the link “FREE DOWNLOAD“, in every record in our site, you will find a complete download, mp3 high quality.

But we wanna tell you some ideas we have, something like an “Aloud philosophy“.

* Our label needs to sell records and have shows, just to continue releasing records and making more shows. Simple.

* We are not a NGO, we are a label. Easy to understand. We have create a paypal account, if you wanna donate will be really welcomed. Don´t feel forced to anything, that´s not the idea.


Introduce the quantity you want to donate (in euros):

(Write a number)

* This download section is a label idea, but all the bands agree. 100%. Bands needs that people listen their music, and this is a faster way to do it, don´t you think? People in these days listen music in their mp3/ipod, we just wanna make it easy for them. After that, if you buy the record, come to a show, or just tell to a friend… it will be ok. You will not destroy the music downloading music, don´t forget it!

* Our records always cost 10 euros. From the first day. In our online store or in a FNAC shop. You DON´T have to buy our records if you see a higher price. Our shows, normally, are between 6 and 12 euros, too.

* It´s important to buy records, to come to a show, or to make us a show, or to donate through paypal… but it´s really important to talk about us. You can help us if you talk through your facebook, twitter, bandcamp, tumblr, myspace, fotolog… Just saying: “There´s a spanish label that thinks different” you can make us happy. Don´t break the chain!

Now, download all our albums and enjoy our music!


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