III (Cd & Vinyl)

  • Release date:10 September, 2012
  • Label: Aloud Music Ltd. / Vinyl co-released with: Narshardaa Records / Basement Apes
  • Catalog CD #: Aloud026CD
  • Catalog Vinyl #: Aloud008LP
  • Style: Post-Rock
  • Copies CD: 200 (Special Edition) / 1000 (1st Edition) / 1000 (2nd Edition)
  • Copies Vinyl: 200* Chrystal clear, black & transparent blue - 180gr Azul transparente & Negro / 200* Transparent Dark Green - 180gr Verde oscuro transparente / 200* Solid orange & black mixed - 180gr Naranja y Negro 200* Solid yellow and black mixed - 180gr Amarillo y Negro 100* White, solid blue & transparent green mixed - 180gr Blanco, Azul & Verde Transparente 100* Transparent green & white mixed - 180gr Verde Transparente & Blanco 200* Chrystal clear with blue and black - 180gr Transparente, azul y negro 100* Chrystal clear with blue and white - 180gr Transparente, azul y blanco 100* transparent green with solid yellow - 180gr Verde transparente y amarillo 100* Mixed Blue, White & Black - 180gr Azul, blanco y negro 100* solid purple with solid white - 180gr Púrpura y blanco Co-editado con Narshardaa (Alemania) y Basement Apes (Francia) Co-released with Narshardaa (Germany) and Basement Apes (France) 200* Black - 180gr Negro Edición limitada y numerada / Limited edition

In September 2012, celebrating their fifth anniversary as a band, Toundra released their third album, “(III)”, the second together with Aloud Music.

“(III)” was the most powerful album of Toundra so far, but probably the one that most defines their sound. Is hard and nice. It’s the best approximation to how the band sounds live. With this album the band went even further from the label “post” they were given time before. They are different from any other band and they did what they did best: to be themselves.

It’s all here: the mix of different influences, from desert sounds to flamenco, going through Black Sabbath or that punk rock they grew up with.  Also the different musicians that are part of the final arrangements of the album (chords, cornets, keyboards, percussions, vocals): everything is perfectly blended into the whirl of feedbacks that, as “noise lovers”, they have always used.  los diferentes músicos que han participado en los arreglos finales del disco (cuerdas, cornetas, teclados, percusiones, voces…).



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