The Last 3 Lines

You are a deep forest

  • Release date:15 February, 2008
  • Label: SiNLovers Records
  • Catalog CD #: SiNCD002
  • Style: Rock / PostPunk
  • Copies CD: 1000

“When my good friend Dave Bianchi, the producer of this album, invited me to Sidecar (Barcelona) for the first show of The Last 3 Lines, I wasn’t convinced at all, as I’ve never really enjoyed many gigs of Spanish bands during my stay in the country.

But with The Last 3 Lines things were very different. I asked Dave the same question 3 times: “Is this their first gig? Where did you get them, man?”

All that intensity, that energy, those songs, those melodies, those guitars… it all is in “You are a deep forest”, a brilliant album that made me forget about my fear of Spanish bands. You can’t be fascinated by that beginning with “Sometimes the trigger” and “You´re right”, or “Myriana”, or “I don´t wanna know”… I can’t even choose one from an album so packed of hits.

I especially like the influence of the 70’s, it gives them an original touch. The wild sound. Voice and backing vocals, amazing. The rhythmic base that makes you dance. That “You’re a deep forest” memorable and psychedelic. The ambition of the first album. The songs. God, I really like The Last 3 Lines…” – Sloan (SiNlovers)



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