New WR (Cd & Vinyl)

  • Release date:1 December, 2013
  • Label: Aloud Music Ltd.
  • Catalog CD #: Aloud033CD
  • Catalog Vinyl #: Aloud013LP
  • Style: Math-Rock
  • Copies CD: 250
  • Copies Vinyl: 100* Clear - Transparente / 100* Red Mixed - Rojo Mezclado / 100* White - Blanco

The largest moustache of the world, the gentleman that ate glasses and all kinds of metals, the lady with the record of breastfeeding, the girl that runs 100m hurdles against scuba divers…

Sounds like nonsense records, but they are examples of overcoming that make us feel free. The music of IEPI has a lot of that. How can they play so quick, powerful and in such an aggressive way? That is the question people keep asking themselves after years of watching their live shows.

New WR” is recorded live. All at once. Without tricks. Not many records are still recorded like that in 2014. Only a band that believes in themselves and technically flawless can do it.

The result are 8 songs of overwhelming mathrock, continuous changes of pace and melodies that end up sticking in your head. Without knowing how, when you listen again to “Verónica Torr” or “Stefan Raab“, you smile and start enjoying, stepping your right feet and hitting the table with your forefinger.

It sounds stupid again, but that’s the way it is. And we like it.



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