Fuerza 3 (CD & Vinyl)

  • Release date:13 March, 2020
  • Label: Aloud Music Ltd.
  • Catalog CD #: Aloud051CD
  • Catalog Vinyl #: Aloud030LP
  • Style: Garage / Post-Punk
  • Copies CD: 200
  • Copies Vinyl: 200 (Red & Black Random Splatter)

Raw sound and stuff, but there’s a lot of that. After an EP and more than 50 live shows, including festivals such as Primavera Weekender, the duo presents its first album «Fuerza 3«, recorded and mixed in La Mina (Sevilla) by Raúl Perez (Pony Bravo, Maika Makovski, The New Raemon, Marina Gallardo, Mcenroe…).

Its creators, Raquel and Ane, see themselves as the dog and the cat and prove this in their songs. In Raquel’s songs melodies are sweeter, catchy and the lyrics more acidic, critical and often watered with some sarcasm and social non-conformity. Those of Ane’s written sound rocky, forceful and their lyrics exude sincerity and pain, feelings that usually go hand in hand. Put together, Pinpilinpussies get to be themselves from minute 1, their personality is overwhelming, the proposal sounds fresh. The future belongs to them!



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