Muses (Vinilo)

  • Release date:22 May, 2017
  • Label: Dunk! Records / Aloud Music SL
  • Catalog CD #: ----
  • Catalog Vinyl #: Aloud021LP
  • Style: Post-Rock
  • Copies CD: ----
  • Copies Vinyl: 125 Red & Blue Splattered on bone

Second album by Audiolepsia, four-piece prog/post-rock band from Barcelona. Co-released on vinyl by Aloud Music and Dunk!Records.

“The strength of (…) Muses lies in excellent song writing. The tracks keep changing and take unexpected detours, making you wonder what the band will do next—but you never feel like they are starting to wander, as they add a lot of diverse and striking ideas to keep the sound vibrant. And above all, it is overflowing with emotion.” –

Arctic Drones

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