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2016 goals

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With the arrival of the new year, at Aloud Music we renew efforts (new logo, new website) and launch a new section of articles. Here, together with the interviews section, we’ll give the website a small journalistic touch to let you know what’s happening in the label and our bands, told by the people who are Aloud. To get started, we asked our bands their New Year’s resolution. It will be an important year for Exxasens, after releasing “Back to Earth” and their European tour,[…]

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III “Semana Aloud” in Madrid

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#SemanaAloud (Week Aloud) is an event Aloud Music organizes at Sala Costello Club (Madrid) where the label presents its projects, bands and albums.  In its 2 editions, we saw exclusive acoustic shows of Nothink or The Last 3 Lines, amazing live shows of bands like (lo:muêso) or Fira Fem, presentations in Madrid as we did with Exxasens or solo shows as when Ainara LeGardon created a silence we will never forget. For the edition of 2015, that will take place between February 17th and 21st,  Aloud Music has for the first time invited bands that[…]

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You know we love to be connected with our fans. Free downloads from 2007, free entrance to people under 23 in our shows, a photo contest every summer around the world… Now, one step beyond: a compilation for running! Yes, we are a fashion label cause everybody´s running nowadays 🙂 but, it´s not amazing to run through your city with good music in your ears? Sketch by Raúl de los RíosWe wanna be with you in your preparation, races or just[…]

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Iepi will tour the UK

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We did it again! IEPI is a punk instrumental trio from Banyoles. Aloud Music released “New WR” (CD/Vinyl) some months ago. They have been playing so fast and loud in some burning live gigs, but at the end, people likes them. In april 2014 they share small stages in Spain with the great That Fucking Tank. We still remember TFT gigs in Spain in 2006. At the end of the tour, TFT invited IEPI to join a tour with them[…]

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