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Tides from Nebula was formed in early 2008 in Warsaw. From the beginning, its line-up consisted of Maciej Karbowski (guitar and keyboards), Tomasz Sto?owski (drums), Adam Waleszy?ski (guitar) and Przemek W?g?owski (bass).

Prior to Tides From Nebula, Karbowski and Sto?owski played together in another band, as did Waleszy?ski and W?g?owski. “We rubbed shoulders in many clubs, at various festivals and concerts but we never met ‘officially‘”, recalls Waleszy?ski in an interview. Eventually, they connected through the internet.

Their music could be described as rock, if it were not for the fact that they have never needed a vocalist. Tides from Nebula willingly points to ambient music as a source of inspiration, however, it is dynamicity and vividness that are most important in their compositions. Certainly, some of the stylistic influences which the band draws on are Mogwai and Sigur Ros  – emotional guitar landscapes interspersed with tranquil fragments of intricately woven melodies. The musicians also declare an admiration for bands such as Pelican, Isis, Deftones, Radiohead, and even M83.

Their music is filled with melancholy and a kind of delight and curiosity about the world. If Tides From Nebula’s music was used in a film, it would be a documentary about a place beyond humanity’s reach, pristine like a desert or the depths of the ocean. Even before their first album was released, Maciej Karbowski said in an interview:

We are very much interested in the subject matter of space, but also in the natural environment – sea, vegetation, etc. We believe that the name of our group reflects the music and atmosphere of our compositions.unspecified-2

Tides From Nebula quickly gained a reputation as a great concert group among journalists as well as fans of heavy music, which was evinced by their wins at competitions for young bands in 2009: Neuro Music as part of Asymmetry Festival and Before Party as part of KnockOut Festival.

After the release of their debut album Aura in May 2009, the band toured Poland alongside Caspian and Irish group God Is An Astronaut. In the same year, they managed to set off on their first European tour. These days, Tides From Nebula performs in clubs across Europe as the main star. Invitations come not only from Germany and Benelux, where they have have often performed before, but even from Moscow and Sofia, where their fans outnumbered the available tickets.

The band invited Zbigniew Preisner to produce their second album Earthshine, and they chose a remote location in the mountains as their studio to work on compositions. It resulted in music with layered arrangements, more space and less of the untamed energy that dominated Aura. They later explained that at the time, it was caused by a lack of a producer. Therefore, several years after the original release, Aura was reissued in a new mix mastered by Szymon Czech.

In August 2014, Tides From Nebula released Live Sessions, a collection of songs recorded in the rehearsal room. In autumn, as part of a subsequent tour (the longest in the history of the band), Tides From Nebula went to India, where they performed at the Shiva Squad Festival and at National Bike Week, which took place on the Formula 1 circuit in Greater Noida in the New Delhi region. In Russia and Romania they performed before a full house.

Author: Jacek ?wi?der, April 2015, transl. GS, April 2015


2009 – Aura

2011 – Earthshine

2013 – Eternal Movement

2016 – Safeheaven



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