(lo:muêso) was born in 2001 in Premià de Mar (Barcelona). After the break up of God´s Phone, Raúl de los RíosKarlos Navarro and Alfonso Méndez, childhood friends, decided to forme El Efecto Coriolis, and around 2000 Juanma Medina, former bandmate of Karlos in Visceral James joined them. To give the new band a new personality, they called the new project (lo:muêso).

Despite of keeping at the beginning the songs of El Efecto Coriolis, new tunes came soon, and to “punkish” noise rock they started adding other hints of hardcore, more intense and raw.

While they were working at a new demo, they had the chance to play together with bands like Aina or Karate, as well as playing in the presentation of Fusiónica 4.0 with  Madee and Pupille. During this festival, the idea of recording their first album, mutê (Cydonia, 03), with Ramon Rodríguez  (Madee) rose.

In February 2003 they recorded their first album at Locate 0 Studios with Xavi Navarro as producer. Their distinguishing marks were already clear here: emotion and intensity, energy and power, controlled noise, ripped up slow… all this together with a lucky sense of humor (just read the titles of the songs… ). The good reviews they got for mutê brought them to tour across the whole country, as well as being part of festivals like Forum De Les Cultures 2004 or Mercat De Música Viva De Vic 2004.

In May 2005, now under Aloud Music, they recorded (next:matêria), their second album, which they played a few days before its launch at Primavera Sound, Barcelona.

(next:matêria) was produced, recorded and mixed by Lluis Cots (Madee) at Cydonia Studios, and the mastering was done by Santi García at Estudios Ultramarinos in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Girona. The first good reviews came soon, everybody appreciating the unexpected and bold spirit, the surprises that listeners found when discovering those new tunes. From September 2005, (lo:muêso) presented their new album live across all the country and played at festivals like Hipersons, PopArb, Senglar Rock, Decadenze Fest, Bad Music Fest, Santes, A Prop… as well as gigs in Barcelona, Madrid, Murcia, Jaen, Tarragona, Basauri, Alicante, Málaga…

At the beginning of 2008 (lo:muêso) went back to studio to record their third album, Giant Catarzêe, again under Aloud Music, with the same team and with more energy than ever. The album was first launched in September 2008 on the Internet and was released at the end of the year. The band presented it at Primavera Club (Madrid and Barcelona) and on tour, playing in Madrid, Murcia, Barcelona, Girona… In 2009  they played for the first time in France, at Freak Festival in Gigors, in front of more than 500 people.

In 2010 they recorded an EP with 4 songs, “Palindromê EP“, released on CD and vinyl 7”, which was their second work on this format after “Falconetti Person” (2007). From this EP on, their live appearances became more rare but the band kept working at their new studio album. From 2013 they came back live with some selected concerts, presenting those new songs that were eventually recorded between the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 by Sergio Picón at Siete Barbas Estudio. In May 2015 “Hoidên Limother Petity Vefuckêr” was released, a bold and personal work that brought the band back to mouth of many.

(lo:muêso) will play their last show on December 3rd at La[2], Barcelona.


Juanma Medina guitar and vocals
Alfonso Méndez drums and percussions
Karlos Navarro bass and percussions
Raúl de los Ríos guitar and vocals


2003 – (lo:muêso) Atònit Prods
2003 – mutê – Cydonia Records
2005 – (next:matêria) – Aloud Music LTD
2007 – Falconetti Person 7″ – Aloud Music LTD
2008 – Giant Catarzêe – Aloud Music LTD
2010 – Palindromê EP – Aloud Music LTD
2014 – Dweing from the underhits – Maschwitz Records (Argentina)
2015 – Hoidên Limother Petity Vefuckêr – Aloud Music LTD


(lo:muêso) 2015

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